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Dr. Gary Kompothecras

About Me

Dr. Gary Kompothecras founded one of the first multi-disciplinary medical clinics in 1996 to assist persons wounded in car accidents. His first objective was to assemble a group of medical experts who would attend to his patient's requirements and aid their rehabilitation. M.D.s, D.O.s, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, radiologists, physician assistants, D.C.s, nurse practitioners, and massage therapists joined the medical team at that clinic, and others that would come after it.

More inventiveness was to come. His group practice now has access to cutting-edge medical technology that makes it possible to identify ailments previously undetectable via routine physical exams. Patients often profited from this since they were no longer required to settle a claim with a vague soft tissue injury diagnosis. The clinic can continuously provide the finest quality treatment because of the combined expertise of medical professionals, including chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons.

Dr. Gary improved the method of treating vehicle accident patients over time, making it successful and affordable. The improvement was essential since a significant portion of patients had no additional health insurance than the $10,000 in No-Fault coverage provided by their Florida vehicle insurance. This was novel because it gave accident victims access to the level of treatment and outcomes that only the best physicians and diagnostic equipment could provide.

Patients who have trusted Physician's Group, LLC with their medical treatment are and have always been Gary Kompothecras's priority. Because of his dedication to providing top-notch treatment, his practice was the first to get accreditation from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, now known simply as the Joint Commission. Large hospitals included, this certification is the benchmark for excellence in the whole healthcare sector.

After talking to many patients, Dr. Gary realized that many of them were unaware of the health advantages associated with their vehicle insurance. Consequently, what happened was disturbing—many accident victims suffered unnecessarily because they neglected to seek medical attention. This insight served as the impetus for developing the 1-800-ASK-GARY (1-866-939-7352) accident hotline, which was established to educate accident victims about their legal options and provide them with free access to legal and medical consultations.

An employee who would later become well-known as "ROZ" in television advertising was one of our very first patients. She sought medical care for an accident injury and was so delighted with her treatment that she wanted to share her experience in person. Roz's desire to communicate her story led to creation of a television advertisement that included her. Her advice to "don't be terrified or bewildered" was well received right away. Roz is still alive and routinely encourages accident victims to know their rights and exercise them by appearing on television. The popularity of Roz's narrative may be attributed to one thing: IT IS TRUE. Her very first television ad wasn't even planned. People who understood the anguish and frustration of not knowing who to turn to after an accident could relate to her narrative since it was simply her experience, told in her own words.

Gary Kompothecras registered the term 1-800-ASK-GARY (1-866-939-7352) as a trademark. W.S. Media, Inc. now has the license to operate the ASK GARY Auto Accident and Injury Helpline you may be acquainted with. He is still steadfastly devoted to giving worthy patients the best care possible. Additionally, Dr. Gary and his businesses have generously funded other initiatives influencing the neighborhood.

Over 200,000 individuals have contacted 1-800-ASK-GARY for assistance with vehicle accidents and injuries in the last ten years. A 24/7 free hotline for a vehicle accident and injury assistance is 1-800-Ask-Gary.